Hello! I’m really enjoying hearing everyone’s progress.


As a warmup, let’s continue playing all our triads (so 3 notes in skips played all together) from C major all the way up the white keys until we get to C major again. As you do this, listen to whether the triad is major, minor, or the new word we learned today: diminished.

The Bubble – Please keep practicing this piece for one more week; I think you can speed this one up a bit more! Remember that even when we play faster, the counting still applies (so half notes are still 2 beats, dotted half notes are 3 beats, etc.). For the ending only go as fast as you can play the hands together – also LH’s very last interval has a low G as the bottom note.

Please clap through the exercises on page 10 using the 1 “and” 2 “and” counting we learned for eighth notes before playing any of the following pieces:

Skip to My Lou – Please pay extra attention to the last line in this song and make sure the hands are only playing together when it’s notated. Work to make the difference between staccatos and legatos more distinct.

Leftover Popcorn – In this piece, the staccatos are very important since they symbolize the “popcorn”. Only go as fast as you can comfortably play all eighth notes in the same tempo as quarter notes. As always, please make sure you’re holding half notes the full two counts!


Mr. Haydn’s Theme – The bars to pay extra attention to in this little song are number 3-5: RH look for whether the melody moves in steps or skips, and if you’re ever not sure you can always use your sayings (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge and FACE in the space). Go as slow as you need to so you can really double check each note.

My Daydream – Let’s play this piece hands separately to start. RH has the more involved part since it plays the melody – again noticing your steps versus skips is super helpful. Take reading the song one line at a time – you may notice some lines repeat! LH your part is mostly dotted half notes, so if you do find it easy and you feel comfortable later in the week you may try all or part of the piece hands together.


Canon in D – Before beginning this piece, please remind yourself of the D major key signature: F# and C#. Please make sure that for the first phrase (which comes back around later in the song) you are using both hands to play those intervals – it will be easier I promise! Second last bar RH should use finger 2 on the C#; we tend to avoid using our thumb on the black keys where possible.

Theme from Don Giovanni – Let’s still keep this piece hands separately for this week. The main area of focus is the last 2 lines (bar 15 and 16 especially). It’s extremely important to use the written fingers – by tucking and using finger 1 on the G in bar 16, it sets the rest of the fingers up perfectly for the remaining notes. Keep saying the counting as you play! For bar 15 I suggest simply saying “1+2+3+4+” the whole way through even if you have the one quarter note (just make sure it holds the full 3+).

Spring – Since this is a piece you have played for a while and are comfortable on, please try doing the dynamics. Remember f is loud, and p is soft. In most classical music, the second time we repeat something it’s like an echo and is played piano. That’s exactly what is happening in Spring.


Please finish page 52 for theory homework this week. We will have F major (one octave hands together) as the warmup scale. Remember RH’s fingering is slightly different because of the Bb – use 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4.

Andante in G Minor – In the Baroque style we play all quarter notes (and half notes) detached; the only notes that are legato are eighth notes because they happen quickly. Please put the first section hands together. You may go further if you feel comfortable. For the bass clef notes if you’re ever unsure use these sayings: Good Birds Don’t Fly Away and All Cows Eat Grass

Climb up on an Elephant – The biggest focus in this song now that notes and rhythms are learnt is to be very confident and clear in your counting/timing. All quarter notes get 2 beats. Please be careful in bar 13 and again in 18 that LH doesn’t accidentally skip a bar ahead!