*Learn the basic shuffle
–counting: “1.a2.a3.a4.a”
–play BD on “1” and “3”, and SD on “2” and “4”
Warmups (1min ea, as fast as comfortable)
–8 on a Hand
–Single Strokes
–Double stokes
Four kinds of paradiddle: Single (LRLL..) Double (RLRLRR..) Triple (LRLRLRLL..) and Paradiddle-diddles (RLRRLL or LRLLRR)
Alfred, Solo #2: *add fourth line to your practice routine
–focus first on the notes, then we’ll add more detail together
Drumset Musician Worksheet p. 12 ex. 8-11–good, polish up 10 and 11
ACDC – Back in Black – up to gtr solo review three details:
—1) Crash on each word of “back in black”
—2) Lead into each “back in black” with bass drum on “3 & . &”
—3) Add one snare drum to the last fill before each chorus


Warmups (1min/ea)
–Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo=120)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=100)
–Stick Control: ex. 57-64 (160bpm)
Joel Rothman Book: Lesson 16
**1/8 note triplets with rests on the upbeat
**Hand ex. 5-6
**Rock beats 5-8
Memphis Soul Stew
–Make sure to use a rebound stroke to keep the SD with the HH
–Learn make sure you play the next fill on p2
***Please Print (click here)***
Xylophone: pno book pg 48


Warmups (30sec/ea, as fast as comfortable)
–8 on a hand
–Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
–Roll exercise
Alfred Book: Lesson 5 combination study
I’m Still Standing
—To make sure you’re staying in time with the song, start by clicking your sticks to the beat; then move that to the HH; then add the BD; then add the SD
—Remember, the rolls aren’t that fast in this song. Focus on the one at the end of the “I’m Still Standing” section (chorus)


Under Pressure: finishing up
–Building the bridge from both sides in the Drum Solo section: LISTEN carefully to the passage of the music, and try to stay at the right pace, worrying a little less about the notes
–Aim for the last two lines of the page, making sure to transition at the right moment. Listen for the vocal cue into each section
–Review the fill at the end of the chorus


**AC/DC: Back in Black
–Bringing the beat in in steps (count; hihat; bass drum; snare drum)
–Starting right after the count in altogether
–Adding in the drum fill “bada bada bada bada”


Steely Dan: Peg – Full song
–nail the transition after the first chorus
–add in ghost notes on:
—-1) the “e” of beat 3
—-2) the “e” of beat 1
***Purdie Shuffle (halftime shuffle):
—focus on getting the hihat shuffle pattern with the ghost notes
—add the bass drum flutters


Warmups (30sec/ea., find goal speed):
–8 on a hand
Drumset Musician p11 ex 1-7 a) and 1-7 b) **
–BONUS: go on to 8-15 a) on the next page
AC/DC: Back in Black: Up to the end of the chorus*