JUNE RCM EXAM REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Liam (lvl 3), Sara (lvl 4), Marco (lvl 1) and Daniel (lvl 2) please register via this link.

My teacher code is #130747. Select June Practical exam, then Piano. Pick whatever date is convenient for you within the time frame. I will see it come up on my end when you register. Thanks so much!! This is exciting :)


*REMIND ME to give you your Bingo prize next week, I can’t believe I forgot again!*

Russian Medley – Both pieces hands together. When you get to the second piece, you just internalize the 1-2-3 pulse for it to feel right.

Harlequinade – Slowly begin hands together. I like the thickness of your 8th and quarter notes. Nice work with the fingering accuracy.

Daily Sightreading book – complete the first week, one per practice session and bring it back to lesson :)

Bm scale extra practice, Remember LH B starts with finger 4.

Minor triad patterns – Bm, Dm, Fm. Fingers 135 (and 125 occasionally)


Canon x Beautiful in White – Beautiful in White melody over 151 bass in C. Once secure, try playing with recording. You can refer to this too. https://musescore.com/user/1569821/scores/833771


Please play your C Major scales with both hands with proper fingering.

Please prepare Wish for Fish and the following two pieces on the next page for next week in your Wunderkeys book.


Maple Leaf Rag – Really really nice. Do some isolated LH work in the trio to secure the big leaps. I really liked your tone, balance, and dynamics today.

Lullaby of Birdland – Very nice! Play RH to a steady pulse to build confidence and phrasing. Could use a YouTube swing beat, or a metronome, or your LH tapping the pulse.

*New* Ballade – page 1 is a good goal. Articulation is important.


On Your Mark – Excellent job!! Spot practice the RH 8th note measures more and begin putting pg 1 hands together.

Indiana Jones – HT great work. More work on RH bridge. Also familiarize yourself with LH bridge chords.

A minor natural and harmonic scale.

Morning Fanfare – HT until star. Great job!! You will notice that the only RH note by itself is the little tiny 16th note. A steady tempo is most important here, your LH will be like a machine.


Etude in F Major – nice work! Playing quieter will help to eliminate tension in the hand and create a more fitting sound for this piece. Trust yourself!

C and G major formulas. Remember to use finger 4 whenever a hand is playing more than one octave. Thumbs should always be on the root if you’re continuing in that direction.

*New* Atacama Dessert (pg 22-23) – measures 1-8. You will notice this is a 4 bar phrase repeated in a higher octave. Notice the tied G in the LH. Play quietly and think of your thumb and pinky in the RH as a teeter totter while playing, we want rotation in the wrist. Listen here.


Theme and Variations by Krebs – nice work on the theme. Now let’s learn variation 1.

Endgame page 1 – Great reading today! This whole page has the same chord progression, and uses syncopation to sound exciting. Count carefully. IF YOU LOSE IT, FIND IT HERE.