New Year’s Goals: bookwork 1 page per week, one song per month, warmups as needed
Warmups (1min ea, as fast as comfortable)
–8 on a Hand
–Single Strokes
–Double stokes
Four kinds of paradiddle: Single (LRLL..) Double (RLRLRR..) Triple (LRLRLRLL..) and Paradiddle-diddles (RLRRLL or LRLLRR)
Alfred, Solo #2: *learn the first three lines
Drumset Musician Worksheet p. 12 ex. 8-11–good, polish up 10 and 11
ACDC – Back in Black – up to gtr solo review three details:
1) Crash on each word of “back in black”
2) Lead into each “back in black” with bass drum on “3 & . &”
3) Add one snare drum to the last fill before each chorus


New Year’s Goals: bookwork 1/3 per week, one song per month, warmups as needed
Warmups (1min/ea)
–Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo=120)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=100)
–Stick Control: ex. 57-64 (160bpm)
Joel Rothman Book: Lesson 16
–**1/8 note triplets with rests on the upbeat
–**Hand ex. 5-6
–**Rock beats 5-8
Memphis Soul Stew: all, foucsing on drum fill at top of page 2
–***I’ll upload new pages tonight for you to print. Click Here
Xylophone: pno book pg 48



Warmups (30sec/ea, as fast as comfortable)
–8 on a hand
–Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
–Roll exercise
Alfred Book: Lesson 5 combination study
John Mayer: Gravity
Thinking of new songs
*I’m Still Standing
—The main challenge is speed. It’s just Basic Beat level 1!!!


Happy New Year! 2024 goals: one song per month, warmups as needed, bookwork?
–**Triplet Exercise (1mm RH; 2mm LH) for 1 minute goal tempo=90
–Stick Control: p.11 #1-2
–**Double-stroke progression: Natural rebound–>”pick it up” after 2 bounces–>drags/ruffs–>double-strokes
–Flams, Flam accents (careful that the LH flam doesn’t get reversed!), Flam Taps
Under Pressure: finishing up
–Don’t speed up on the chorus
–2nd ending fill on last page

Robbie–Welcome Back!!!

Warmups (30sec/ea):
–8 on a hand exercise
–Single Stroke Roll (R-L-R-L….) playing smooth, even, controlled strokes
–Double Stroke Roll (R-R-L-L…)
Basic Beat: Level 2 (countint “1+2+3+4+”)
Fruit Salad game (Pear, apple, strawberry, watermelon)
–Come up with your own fruit salads by combining four fruits
Review Alfred Lesson 1


Pad Exercises (1min/ea):
–Triplet Exercise (goal tempo=135)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=110)
–Roll Exercises (90*bpm)
–Flams, Flam Accents**, Flam Taps
–Rhythm exercise 40bpm
Syncopation p. 38 lines 1-4*
Steely Dan: Peg – *Complete song, next week we’ll start on details

Click here to see the Syncopation book (please print page 36 of the PDF, entitled “Exercise One”)

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Warmups (30sec/ea., find goal speed):
–8 on a hand
Drumset Musician p11 ex 1-7 a) and **1-5 b) **please print
**AC/DC: Back in Black: intro (click here to listen)