Have a great week and stay warm everyone <3


Russian Medley – piece 2 HT. Spend 70% time on piece 2, and 30% on keeping piece 1 in your hand. Great work.

Harlequinade – HS. Learn LH. Great work with RH just watch lift in m4.

Harmonic and melodic scales – Bm, Dm, Gm. Remember LH B starts with finger 4.

P.S So sorry I forgot to give you your Bingo prize today. I’ll give it to you next week.


Struttin‘ – Great reading today. A nice laidback tempo is perfect for the mood of this piece.

Canon x Beautiful in White – practice Canon chord progression in C, D and E to prep for this.


Thanks for getting another Wunderkeys book!

This week we are going to play Wish for Fish and the other 2 pieces on the page to its right. They all are in the same position, C, but the last one is in 3/4 rather then 4/4. The little numbers they write above or below the staff are finger numbers and we played a finger number review game today and you did great! Use those clues to your advantage!
*Resist the urge to move your fingers from the key they start on (unless the book tells you too, which it doesn’t currently). We want every finger to get its workout, and have a job to do).

Work towards complete evenness in your C major scales. Count.


Maple Leaf Rag – Extra work on trio. Sounding amazing. See how you like accenting the and of 4 or any time the LH has to move by half step.

Lullaby of Birdland – count carefully and listen to recordings

Start thinking about what pieces you might like to do for exam or if there’s any more you specifically want to explore.


On Your Mark – HS, learn LH too, whole piece. Make sure you are counting rests. Learn the LH hands seperate too. For RH 8th note passages it is almost entirely stepwise movement, so I drew a line like a graph showing the melodic direction.

Indiana Jones – HT great work. Add on bridge RH. Finger numbers are written in.

A minor natural and harmonic(raised 7th) scale. Standard fingering. HS.

*New* Morning Fanfare – learn HS with correct rhythm and notations since the notes are easy, C pentascale.


Home Run – great work! Start a bit quieter, and then on further repetition you can reach the fun boisterous volume. Fix circled dotted rhythm in B section.

Etude in F Major – HS until confident in fingering and chord changes. I want to hear a chunk of this HT and confident next week.

C and G major formula – see below


Theme and Variations by Krebs – theme HT and confident. Focus all of your piano brain this week into smart practicing techniques so you can make amazing progress on the first of 3 chunks of this piece. Begin HS. Use small chunks and be accurate with details, repeat many times. Then play one hand and tap the other hand..


*New* Jump Pop Hop – uses parallel motion, and contrary motion of triads. Be sure to be picky about dynamics and articulations.

Into the Waves – nice work! Add in dynamics and go for fluency and painting a beautiful picture.

C and G solid triads – root position and inversions.