20230613 Tuesday at ABC


Warmups (slow, med, fast):
          8 on a hand
          *Roll Exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon) all single strokes
*Basic Beat Level 4! Playing with a RH lead and LH lead
Fruit Salad Game: keep it up
Worksheet – Alfred Lesson 2
          Good work! Keep it up
          Next week we’ll start on Lesson 3


          Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
                    *Focus on making Wrist Strokes
          -Sixteenth note exercise (80bpm)
                  *four counts each
Realistic Rock worksheet – good work! For the 12 Bar Ex:
Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
          *End of first page


          -double stops
          -Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles at 100bpm (1min)
-Swing beat
          -Single beats on snare (4, 3, 2, etc.)
Back in Black
          *Up to Guitar Solo->Chorus


          -8 on a hand
          -Stick Control 1-13* (200bpm)
          -Drumset Musician p 11, #1-7 b) exercises
                  *This week, try to get this more confident and faster
-ACDC – Back In Black
          *Review the simplified version of the verse fill to make sure you’re comfortable before adding the bass drum in
          *Go on to the guitar solo (on the handout)