New song:*** Back In Black by AC/DC

Working on everything up until the guitar solo

See chart in frequently used folder



–C and G major scales

–Piano Adventures page 48

I will be posting Nova’s 7-week summer protocol in their Google Drive folder later this week!


Herbie Hancock: Watermelon Man

–Four new measures: these are complicated! Be sure to practice them slowly, sounding them out

–Play the “five fingers” game to ensure you’re drilling them thoroughly

–When you’re ready, play them up to speed

Take it easy on your injured wrist this week!


New song*** Green Day: American Idiot

–This week, drill the main beat, trying to get it up to speed. Quarter notes (not eighths as written) on hihat

—-“hearing fast” is the challenge here. Try (1) gradually speeding up with the metronome; (2) keeping the beat on the hihat at performance speed while vocalizing the snare and BD parts

–When this becomes easy, feel free to work on everything up until the middle of page two