Thank you all for solidifying my love of teaching music every Saturday <3 You all rock!


Bee is sounding awesome, great work with the transitions between sections.

Scary Swing is tricky and a great longterm goal!

*New* Friday Theme – this piece is well within your level. Watch the D major key signature (F# and C#). You can play along with the recording because this is the real key. I love the fingering you decided on, stick with it, it makes jumping up to that treble E so much easier.


Today we did this awesome duet found here. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with you <3


I gave you a print out of Yebba’s Heartbreak – it is definitely above your level, but playing the LH and then the top RH note is NOT outside your level, with practice you can totally handle this. I wrote in the notes above so you can look to this in the future.


*New* No Moon Tonight OR Grumpy Old Troll – Moon is in 3/4 and much more legato, whereas Troll is in 4/4 and more staccato and stompy. Have fun with either/both!