-Warmups (30 sec each)
          -New Warm Up Song: Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers and Daya
          -8 on a hand
          -Singles; doubles; paradiddles
          -Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
          -find your speed limit, starting slow and gradually increasing the speed
-Basic Beat
          -Level 5 – switching between LH and RH lead!
                  Good work, keep getting this comfortable
-Fruit Salad game
          *Add lychee and blueberry this week
worksheet: Alfred Lesson 2
          -Way to go! Think about the fruits that match each rhythm
          Musical Alphabet
          C Major Scale
          note reading: lines and spaces in treble clef


-Warmups (slow, med, fast):
          8 on a hand
Basic Beat Level 3.5
         Same as level 3, but LH plays the crash cymbal
Fruit Salad Game
          *move each fruit to a different drum
Worksheet – **Alfred Lesson 2
          *Careful to play the eighth-notes and quarter-notes at the proper speeds, use the fruits to help


          Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
          *Focus on making Wrist Strokes
          -Sixteenth note exercise (80bpm)
                  *four counts each
Realistic Rock worksheet – good work! For the 12 Bar Ex:
          *come up with some drum fills with varying rhythms (quarters, eighths, sixteenths; make different combinations)
**New Song: Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
          *Learn intro by ear


          -Stick Control ex. 1-13 (you can find this in the google drive
          -Flam, flam accent, flam tap, flamacue (30 sec each)
          -Paradiddle ex. (1min)
          -Ride pattern exercise
-Bossa Nova
          *Break this into halves to help iron out the last few kinks
*Bill Withers: Use me
          *Listen for the chorus/vocal section – what changes?
          *to work on your Hihat splashes, use ex. 3 from Drumset Musician p. 11 (in the Google Drive) playing open hihats on:
                  1) the “and” of “4”
                  2) the “and” of “2”
                  3) the “and” of “3”
                  4) on “3”
                  **each hihat splash should only last an eighth note


          -double stops
          -Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles at 80bpm (1min)
-Swing beat
          -Single beats on snare (4, 3, 2, etc.)
Back in Black
          *Up to end of Guitar Solo
          *some details: three snares before the chorus; extra bass drums before the “Back in Black” shots; Guitar Solo with


          -8 on a hand
          -Stick Control 1-13* (200bpm)
-Drumset Musician **p 11, #1-4 b) exercises
          *Learn them without counting (or whichever way feels most accessible)
          *Add in the counting once each exercise is comfortably under your hands
-ACDC – Back In Black
          *After the chorus, repeat the same material over again (verse + chorus)
          *Added detail to the fill in the verse: double-snare before the crash; bass drum with the hihat