“Willow Tree”: Focus on section B for the next class. Practice slow, and go line by line if needed. be careful to maintain the notes in the melody for the whole bar when indicated. Try to match the speed of section A for the next class.


“Underwater Theme”: start practicing the left hand alone, with 5-2-1 as fingering. Then, practice with both hands, slowly.

“Waltz” (p. 49): focus on practicing mm- 7-8 and the end, so you don’t stop when the left hand enters.

Write the notes on p. 50 and read them for the next class.


Practice “Yankee Doodle”. Don’t stop between parts or lines, and try to keep going from beginning to end, even if it is at a slow tempo.


“Zelda Theme”: Choose the notes you will play with the left hand and practice the song like that. Also, try to listen to the song, so you can have a better idea of the song’s parts.

Practice “The Runaway Rabbits” for the next class. Pay attention to the notes, and make sure you are reading the skips correctly.


Etude in C major: Practice at a moderate tempo, and make sure every single note is on the beat and it’s not sounding louder or softer than the other ones. Try to do a little dynamic arc as well.

Polonaise in G minor: Pay attention to the articulation (especially the detached notes) and dynamic marks. Practice with the repetitions.

I know It Won’t Work: Sing while playing for next class.