Warmups (1min/ea)
–Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo=115)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=100)
–Stick Control: ex. 57-64 (160bpm)
–C, G, and F major scales (straight, arpeggios, broken thirds)
–El Mosquito Maron melody
–Tropical Feel**
Joel Rothman: finishing up Lesson 17
NEW SONG Herbie Hancock: Watermelon Man
–See handout on the google drive for the main groove


Warmups (30sec/ea., find goal speed):
–8 on a hand (140bpm)
–Singles (sixteenths at 140bpm)
–doubles (16ths at 90*)
–Paradiddles (16ths at 90*)
Drumset Musician p13 ex 16-19 a)
–polish these off this week
–If you’re ready, carry on to the next four exercises
Nirvana: Smeels like Teen Spirit
–Everything up until the end of line 2
–substitute floor tom for bass in opening fill
–add final BD to the & of 4 in the main groove


–Triplet Exercise (1mm RH, 2mm LH) @ 95bpm**
–Sixteenth-note Exercise (on handout)
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way
–Continuing this week with p/ 2:
—-Emphasize the “&” of 4 push at the end of the first line on p2
—-Drill the fill at the end of the second line min. 5x per practice session (hands only and then add bass drum)
—-Drill the extended drum fill at the end of Verse 2