Congrats on polishing Lost Woods! It is super impressive that you can play that hands together, steady and with so many position changes! Proud.

*New* Bee. – the lines I drew are every 4 bars to show you the repeating 4 bar bass line. This is in the key of Bb major so all Bs and Es are FLAT. This week learn the first 4 bars hands together, and then keep exploring as much as you can hands seperate. This will sound great on an electric piano setting, you could even slow down the official recording a bit and play along!

You know your C, G and newest scale – F Major. They all have the same fingering except for F in the RH goes 1234 1234. See below
Warmup with those and your C triad patterns.


Golden Hour – Nice work on the first page! Next up is where I drew the star on the second page. Add in the RH here, it is the prechorus where beautiful lush chords start getting layered before the texture breaks into the powerful chorus. Watch the key signature.

We also did ear playback, lead sheet reading, and sightreading today :)


Saints Go Marching lead sheet – Today we were able to put this hands together with simple power chords (root and 5th) in the LH. With lead sheets, you play the melody as written, and then you can make choices of how to bring the chord progression to life. This is a super underrated musician skill.


*New* Lightly Row (Lesson Book) – This piece uses staccato solid intervals in the LH to make a fun accompaniment. Most are 5ths or 2nds (you can use the finger numbers as clues), but 3rds and 4ths are used too. The RH uses a combination of staccato and legato notes to create excitement. LH is bass C position, RH is treble C position.

*New Scale* G Major. See below for fingering guide.