-Warmups (try at three speeds)
          8 on a Hand
          Single Strokes
*Double stokes (R-R-L-L…)
*Basic Beat Level 5 = switching hands
Worksheet: Alfred, Lesson 2, ex. 1-2 (go until 8 for next week)


Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo = 100)
          1 measure RH, two measures LH
          1 minute without a break
Sixteenth Note Exercise (goal tempo=80bpm)
Stick Control Ex. 43-50 (120bpm)
Joel Rothman Lesson 15 – 2nd segment this week
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna go my Way? (please print from google drive)
          *Please learn the first page – play along with recording
          -Ex. 1 and 2 from Lesson 1 in the GH Green book
          G Major Scale
          F Major Scale
          New Scale next Week
          *Pno book pg 44


-Warmups (slow, med, fast):
          8 on a hand
          Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
          Roll Exercise
New Beat: Smooth out the transition – the crash is “1” of the beat, so after you play it just slide your hand over to the Hihat and keep going
Fruit Salad Game
Worksheet – Alfred Lesson 4 ex 1-5
Xylophone- C Maj scale; reading C and G (p37 in piano book)


-Stick Control first page ex. 1-13***
Smells Like Teen Spirit: everything up until the Chorus
          *Work on getting the opening fill up to speed


Pad Exercises (1min/ea):
          Triplet Exercise (goal tempo=120)
          Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=90)
          Roll Exercises (80bpm)
          Flams and Flam Taps (80-90bpm)**
          ***Paradiddles and Paradiddle-diddles WITH ACCENTS
Syncopation p. 35 ex. 13-16**
Basic Swing Brush Pattern
          try at 80bpm – 120 bpm. Look for drumless swing tracks on Youtube and try it out
          First four exercises from Syncopation
*Zackgrooves thing – work on looping this – add paradiddle-diddle turn around
Ghost Note Exercises