Happy first day of Fall everyone! <3 You’re sounding great, thanks to your hard work and practice!


*New* Little River – This introduces a new Italian music word = “Legato”. It literally means “bound” like “bound together” which is why we connect the notes sound together without a break. When you play this piece, your fingers will walk on the keys, not jump, so there is no break in the sound between them. Think of how someone might sing this piece, they wouldn’t breathe between every single note. At the end of each line, do a graceful “wrist float off” with your hand.

Review Firefly for fun – Great work playing Firefly front to back today with my duet! You can keep playing it this week, because it’s fun and satisfying to play something you know AND your brain and fingers get stronger by doing so!

The Piano Adventures website has recordings of all your pieces that you can play along with (there is an 8 beat introduction before you start playing).

Note reading Maze worksheet – This sheet reviews C position notes. One side is treble clef (RH), and one is bass clef (LH). Complete and bring next week :)


The Swing – Now you know this entire piece! Today we did spot practicing on the parts that are different in each phrase, as well as the position changes. This is a great practice tool = doing the tricky parts more so they get easier, and can be played the same speed as the “easy” parts. Break it into chunks and repeat them for fluency, then put it all together :)

Happy Birthday – Today we learned how to voice lead the chords! This means choosing an inversion of the chord that requires the least movement of the hand. Practice using your convenient inversions of the C7 and Bb chord while playing through this. Once that’s comfy, you can try other rhythms or patterns.

All white-key-start major scales – Warm up with these for one more week. Next week we will move onto broken triad patterns.