Hello, Everybody!

Throughout the remainder of the year, we will be bringing in a video camera to class for two purposes.

The main purpose will be for us as your teachers to do a little self-critique.  We think there is always room to improve the way we do and communicate during a class, but it is hard to self-evaluate or to have an impartial view of that when we’re right in the middle of things (and having fun!).  So, we’ll take the time to record a few classes and to see what we think of ourselves outside of the class.

We would also like to put together some footage that we can use on our Music Together web pages, to give interested families some idea of what happens in our classes.  We may even invite you to go ‘on camera’ at some point to share your thoughts about the class.  That being said, we do respect privacy, and will not actively include you in footage if you would like to opt out of that.  Please just let Barnaby know anytime.

See you soon!