Continue to work on the Weezer tunes O Girlfriend and Say it Ain’t So. Remember to practice alternating between barre chords slowly going over the same two before moving on to the next pair.

Keep working on the strumming patterns we went over this week. Remember to angle the guitar pick appropriately especially on the upstroke to get an even sound when strumming. Always practice with a metronome when you can.

Continue working on the assigned tunes in your guitar book as well as getting down the chord changes we went over. Remember to play the chord melodically while listening for any dead notes, this will tell you if you need to adjust your hands or use more pressure.

Keep working on the assigned tunes in your guitar book. Remember to always practice with a metronome when you can and to say and play the notes. When practicing the finger picking pattern the key is to take it as slow as possible, this will ensure you develop the muscle memory in your hands.



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