Olivia – once again, thank you for joining us for online lessons! I really appreciate your time and effort dedicated to our music lessons during this weird time.
– Recommended practice time: I usually recommend 30-45 minutes/day, 5 days/week, but I understand that it has been a rough time and it is hard to find motivation to practice, especially as such a social musician. Try to set little easily-achievable goals first, and then build up from there. For example, the first day you will just practice on scale. The next day, just practice the first line of Judas Maccabeas. After that, one scale + first line of Judas Maccabeas, and etc.
– Practice: G and D Major scales, A minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic), Judas Maccabeas. Practice shifting in D Major scale and try to remember the difference between the different minor scales, and what your fingers need to do for those differences. For Judas Maccabeas, watch out for accidentals and practice the eighth-note rhythm patterns.

Thank you and happy playing! I hope everyone is staying safe during this time!