Jaron – Great work on Song of the Wind today!
– Reminder: Since the Wi-Fi connection has been lagging, see if you can set up at a spot closer to your router next lesson.
– Recommended practice time: 15 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: G, D, and A Major scales (with posture and bow hold check before playing), Twinkle theme and variations (one variation each time you practice, and remember that you can look at the notes if you forget the rhythms!), Song of the Wind (run-throughs to get more comfortable with the piece), and Go Tell Aunt Rhody (first phrase, look ahead if you’d like!)

Olivia – I loved hearing your arrangement today, thanks for sharing it with me!
– Recommended practice time: 30 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: 2 octave scales review and G Major thirds, Tango (m. 19 rhythms and pizz. chords at the beginning), Carpathia (last few lines, and add accents!), and Plink Plank Plunk (watch out for rhythms and accidentals). I know we are focusing on school music for now but if you have time, try to practice Mirror Duet and Avatar State!

Amaia – You made some great progress today!
– Recommended practice time: 15 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: open strings pizzicato and bowing, p. 5 and 6 of Violin Starter packet, review violin and bow parts, and keep on practicing that curved bow hold! And feel free to experiment with your violin and see what sounds you can make!

Hendry – Your accents sounded fantastic today!
– Reminder: Put away distractions like your phone before your lesson!
– Recommended practice time: 20 min/day, 5 days/week
– Practice: C Major scale (2 octaves, with posture and bow hold check before playing), Allegretto (prepare for final run-through next week, with focus on short-short-long patterns, accents, and the bow retake at the end of the second line), Andantino (short-short-long patterns and nice long bow strokes at the third line), Disillusion (up bows at the end section and m. 9 rhythms), and Question (beginning phrase section, but look ahead if you’d like!).

Thank you and happy playing!