Hello Everybody!

We hope you are having a great start to the fall with the Fiddle collection, including our beautiful new books, and, for some of you, enjoying the new con Español bilingual music and translation.

This update is to let you know that we are currently apprenticing two new teachers – Naoko Tsujita and Rob Kirsch-Spring – both of whom completed Music Together teacher training this June.  We are super excited to welcome them to Music Together classes, and both are also part of our regular music lesson teaching team.

What will they do?

The apprentice process is 10 weeks.  Each week they teach an additional song on the plan, eventually teaching the full class.  In weeks 5 and 10 classes will be video-recorded for peer review, and in week 8 they will teach without their supervisor.

Each week we work with them on their increasing load and help them grow the confidence to grow their confidence.

If you have feedback during their apprenticeship process, please call us in the office, we value and appreciate any feedback you have, at any time.

If you think they are doing a good job, we also encourage you to let them know.  Hearing from you will give them a big boost!

Then what?

After they have completed their 10 weeks of Mixed Age classes, they will likely go on to apprentice for Rhythm Kids, the Music Together program that immediately follows after Mixed Age classes, when your child turns 4.

They may also take over one of your classes as we move to increase the load for all of our teachers.



See you soon!