Progress, progress, progress, everyone!  Keep it up!


Great lesson, today, you’re really starting to understand (and put into practice) what I am trying to say regarding bow work.  Now, your left hand!  Always keep the arch — FEEL the weight of your arm being directed into the fingertip pressing down the string.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day
What to practice: First 2 pages of your study book


Awesome to have you back, Maz!!!  Glad you enjoyed your summer.  And, thanks for communicating what happened (or didn’t happen) when learning from your first piano teacher regarding paying attention to each note length and playing a piece’s rhythm EXACTLY as written on the page.  Old habits die hard, but it’s also true that it’s never too late!!!  Please make a commitment over the next few months that you will finally corrected this rhythmic irregularity in your playing.  Being EXACT with things is a good life lesson to learn!!

Minutes to practice: 45 per day
What to practice: Pieces written in your notebook, but also any pieces you would like to work on in the jazz and Motown books
How to practice it most effectively: Always with an engaged core, moving to the piece’s rhythm, in SLOW MOTION
How parents can support practice: Check in with Maz regarding the above!


Adam, Adam, Adam… please do not get discouraged, stress or overthink your piano playing too much!!  Such states of mind are not conducive to practicing and playing music.  BE PATIENT with yourself.  It takes time for an ‘old dog’ to learn new tricks, and you’re not too old!!  Engage your core, and breathe.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day
What to practice: Songs listed in notebook


So glad to have you as a new student, Jabari!!  Once you acquire your copy of Piano Adventures Level 1 Primer Level, review the first few pages of the book, and then practice the descending (Left Hand LH) and ascending (Right Hand RH) ‘black key walk’ exercises in the book.  But, first, get to know the WHITE KEYS on the piano!!  Memorize where the A, B, C, D, E, F, and Gs are on the keyboard.  I will test you next week!

Minutes to practice: 30 per day
What to practice: As above
How to practice it most effectively: FOCUSED and CALMLY
How parents can support practice: Please practice the above with Jabari for the first few practice times, then check in with his progress regularly.