Hello Everybody!

As we are solidly in to January and the temperatures have finally dipped consistently below 0 degrees, winter illnesses have returned.  We are also still have Covid to consider, which remains an active concern.

For our part we continue to take precautions around health including vaccination, hand-washing, instrument cleanliness, and communicating with you about what we are doing, and how you can support us.

Please do support us whenever possible, by avoiding attending class when you or your children are symptomatic, or definitely sick.  We know that you hate missing classes and we hate it too, because it is so much more fun with you there!  Remember that you have some alternatives:

  • Our weekly online class.  Wednesday mornings with Erin at 10:00 on Zoom.  Your access code is on the bottom of the schedule sheet you were sent when you registered.  Can’t find it?  Call the office and we’ll give it to you.
  • Our archive of on-demand classes.  This will be sent out to you this week, and contains lots of classes with different teachers.

These options are your make-up options, except when a teacher is unable to attend or our facility is unavailable to us due to weather or teacher illness.  In those cases we may deliver a digital class on the day-of, or use the ‘reserve’ week after regular classes end (also on your schedule).

If you have any questions about illness, please reach out to us in the office, and we’ll be happy to speak to you about it.  Thank you!


-the ABC Team.