New Year’s Goals: playing like Chad Smith (RHCP), one song per 4-6wk period, rudiments and warmups as needed, bookwork?
–Triplet ex. (Goal Tempo=130)
–Sixteenth-Note Exercise (goal tempo = 90)
–Flams Accents: try “breaking down” this rudiment (slow–>max speed–>slow)
–Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles – goal tempo: 130bpm
Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance *up until bottom of page 2
–Half-time groove on the third line p3: practice COUNTING then playing
–**Let’s try to finish this off this week! Play it over and over with a recording
Extra foot exercises:
–16th ex. with bass drum **add in quarter notes on the ride cymbal and snare drum on 2 and 4
–doubles between LH-RF **break it down (slow-fast-slow) like the flam rudiment


Please be sure to print your materials before lessons so that you can prepare them.
Warmups (1min each):
–Triplet Exercise 110bpm
–Sixteenth-note Exercise 90bpm
Syncopation Book: good work **this week start on lesson 4 (PDF p9/book p10) ex 1-4 keeping
*Start new song Lenny Kravitz: Are you Gonna Go My Way


–Triplet Exercise “1-trip-let-2-trip-let…” (1measure RH, 2 measures LH)–try for 1min straight
–Stick Control 43-50 (Goal Tempo=140bpm)
–Stick Control ex 1-13 with “chid” on each half note
–Bass drum exercise: “1 + 2 3 + 4 ” working on speed
Nirvana: Drain You–main groove working on chunking
–Step 1) first half (“1+2+”)
–Step 2) 1+2+3
–step 3) 1+2+3+
–Step 4) 1+2+3+4
–Step 5) Loop step 4, keeping it in steady time
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