Declan – continue with eight days a week, especially the middle part that starts on A. Parents, help Declan to practice by reviewing the pages with him. Have him practice slowly at first and move up to speed, making sure that he plays each bar the right amount of times. The song is eight days a week by the Beatles so please play the song around the house at different times.

Griffin –  practice Little Black Submarines playing the rhythm correctly and moving to each chord on time. Parents, Griffin is now learning how to actually play music rather than getting it all from a book so it is essential that he listen to the song many times. Listen to it with him! The next step is to get Griffin to sing the song while playing it, so please be very encouraging.

Simon – Parents, make sure Simo practices Seven Nation Army, Love Me Do and Knocking On Heavens Door, making sure that he plays the songs in time and plays all parts the correct amount of times. Please make sure Simon does not rush through the songs but plays them in a musical fashion. Please make sure Simon puts emphasis on the song Seven Nation Army.

Arianna –  The Cinema Show intro. Parents make sure Arianna has a regular time and place to practice.

Juri – two new scales and chords, chords for Eight Days A Week. Parents, make sure Juri has a regular time and place to practice every day. Encourage Juri to be able to get all the way through the song without any pauses or mistakes. Progress is being inhibited by a lack of practice.

Josh – work on Hurt, make sure you play four strokes per chord. Parents guide Josh to sing the words and change chords at the right time. help Josh to focus on what is supposed to happen and when during the song by helping him to memorize what words the chords change on.

Devis – practice changing chords, D, G, A and back to D. Parents, make sure Devis has a regular time and place to practice everyday  for 15 minutes a day.