Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the new accent pattern from “I Got the Feelin’” that we worked on this week. Put it together with the beat that comes before it. Remember to keep the non-accented notes as soft as possible. Work on getting this part of the song up to speed.


Practice the triplet beats and rhythms that we have worked on. Next week we will be developing these triplet ideas into new beats, so work on maintaining a steady triplet feel when you practice. This means keeping the beat steady and making sure that the triplets are always even. Listen carefully to yourself as you practice.


Keep working on the triplet rhythms and beats. Remember to count in your head (or out loud) while you play. This will help you to be more consistent with the beats. Also, when playing the rhythms, make sure you are always alternating between your right and left hands. Try not to do two lefts or two rights in a row.


Practice the new drum fills and drum beats that we worked on this week. Take it slow and try to keep the rhythm really steady. Remember to count while you play. This is really important because it will help to make sure you don’t accidentally leave out notes.