Dear Carmen,

Warm up – C major scale, C major triads

1  2 3 – A B C (French Lullaby) – sounds beautiful! (stick to your transposition pattern)

– have both hands ready in the correct position before you start

– count your beat

(try to practise at least 10 mins a day)



Dear Ian,

Warm up – C, G, D major, A minor – scales and triads

Prelude in A minor – by memory

– watch left hand for changing positions

(E major chord – left hand 5th finger on G sharp)

Forest Drumms – sounds great! – make sure to start in the right tempo (not too fast) so you can keep the beat

Kites in the sky – find your position (both hands) before starting

– add pedal


(try to practise 15 mins a day)


Dear Nathalia,

Warm up – C , G, F major scale and triads

Rock Group – make sure to have both hands ready before you start playing

– watch for the left hand changing positions

Space Walk – add pedal

– watch for the whole tone scale in the last line (C D E F sharp G sharp)


(try to practise 15 mins a day)


Dear Shayne,

Warm up – C, G , D major ; A minor -scales and triads

Blues in C – watch for the changing positions in the left hand

– keep steady tempo

Medieval fair – by memory

– practise each hand seperately, then try hands together (also RH and LH seperately by memory)

Forest Drums   – D position (thumb on D)

– count your half rests


(try to practise 15 mins each day)


Dear Miles,

Warm up – C, G, D, major scales and triads

Shave and haircut – by memory

– keep your beat

Erie Canal – practise each hand seperately, try lines 1 & 2 hands together

Haunted Mouse – A minor position

– watch out for quorter rests

Arpeggios – starting on: C, D, E, F and G


(try to practise 15 mins each day)