Hi all!  Great to see you again this week!

Michelle:  You were missed again this week!  Hope your sports activities have been amazing!

Nila:  You’re working on Full voice workbook, bottom of page 10 and all of page 11.  In Maybe, you’re going to learn the entire song this week, adding in the 8 bar B section that we hadn’t looked at before.  Learning parts for the entire song are in your Google drive folder, and there is also a PDF of the music there.  Print off the music for yourself so that you can mark your music if you need to.  20 minutes practice a day.  Google Drive link:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe

Estelle:  Piano focused week this week.  You’re working on Rain, Rain with the left hand.  We covered a lot of new information this week, so use the Theory book (pages 2 – 6) and the theory handouts (in your Google Drive folder) to help practice these concepts.  I also gave you a little crash course on the Curwen hand signs and solfege syllables for your voice lessons.  You can add that major scale practice with hand signs to your voice practice.   30 minutes practice a day (15 for each instrument) Google Drive link:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe

Hannah:  We missed you this week!  See you next week.