Hi all!  Good work today!


Michelle: We mostly worked on vocal hygiene, as you were fighting a cold today.  Make sure to stay hydrated and use some of the vocal fatigue avoidance strategies we discussed today!  See you Sunday! Practice as possible, taking into consideration your vocal health!

Nila:  We worked on running Maybe today.  Keep running the music with the blocking in time for the recital on Sunday.  Make sure to keep hydrated, and bring your water bottle on Sunday!  After the recital, we’ll begin working on How Far I’ll Go.  15 minutes practice daily.

Estelle:  You’re working on Castle on a Cloud.  You’ve previously learned the melody of the verses, and this week we’re adding the melody of the B section.  Use the resource in your google drive folder to help solidify this.  We also worked on clearly enunciating the final consonants and adding a shadow vowel [I] when that final consonant is voiced.  Keep one hand on your throat to feel for vibration on the voiced consonants!  20 minutes practice daily.

Hannah – We worked on Old MacDonald, and learning the piece in small sections, then adding the small sections together when they feel comfortable.  The first four bars of the piece repeats, so you get double the music for your time!  10 minutes practice daily.

Aba – we worked on matching pitch and singing with hand signs.  Have fun at the wedding next week, and when you come back, we’re going to do a combo of piano and voice together!