Hi all!  Just a reminder, the link to the drive is:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe

Michelle:  You’re working on I’m Glad There is You – specifically paraphrasing the melody as written.  You can base your decisions on where to linger and what to move through on the text.  Keep the rhythm of the text conversational.  You can paraphrase the rhythm and melody by: starting earlier or later than expected, and lengthening the words that have particular importance or weight!  Use the learning resource and backing track to play around with the rhythm/melody.  20 minutes daily practice.


Nila:  We’re working on Full voice, particularly memorizing the descending scale with hand signs.  We’re also working on recognizing and using the vowels [i], [a], [o], and [u], and recognizing the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols for them.  On How Far I’ll Go, you’re concentrating on not taking too long to get through the consonants, and getting to the vowel part of each syllable as soon as possible.  Use the octave practice resource in the drive to work on those tricky octaves!  15 minutes daily practice.

Hannah:  We’re working on Middle C position, and actually using the note names to recognize which note to play!  Use the hand position diagram in the book to help you figure out where each finger on each hand goes!  10 minutes daily practice.

Aba:  You’re working on decoding the secret language of music, and the first words we’re learning are Do, Re and Mi!  Use the resources in your drive to practice singing and signing the first three words.  You can also use track 1 in your piano adventures book to practice keeping a steady beat in your lap, or clapping, or a combination of both!  7 minutes daily practice.