Hello Everyone!

Please refer back to this post by clicking the link for the latest up-t0-date schedule.  We will not send repeated emails this time round, as we’ve recently had some feedback that our email may be edging towards too frequent, so we’ll be trying to be a bit more restrained.  More on that soon!

We’ll also update this post (which you’ll have to go to online to see) with information about our live-stream, as it develops.  We’ll try to confirm that.

NOT REGISTERED YET?  Call the office now at 416-651-7529 to book your spot.  Leave a message if we are not in, and we’ll get back to you.

  • 3:00 – 2 Spots Left
    • Rock Band
    • Chloe McKergow
    • Olivia Barbosa
    • Gabriella Alvarez-Lewis
    • Matias Alvarez-Lewis
    • Simon Kotanen
    • Nathaniel O.
    • Gerardo Cardenas
    • Ahaan Sah
    • Mazin Cukic


  • 4:00 – FULL
    • Rock Band
    • Alyssandra Mammoliti
    • Eliana SanFilipo
    • Rachel Lewars
    • Nathan Mackenzie
    • Ahaan Sah
    • Shray Tomar
    • Griffin Leong
    • Carmen French
    • Nathalia Swan
    • Ronin Sherwin
    • Madeleine Buckley


  • 5:00 – Many Spots Left
    • Taï Vaughan
    • Justin Cunha


  • 6:00 – 1 Spots left 
    • Ezra Levy
    • Asher Levy
    • Claire MacIver
    • Aidan Miller
    • Cathy C.
    • Chiara Rocca
    • Jeffrey Yang
    • Kollel Westby
    • Madison Smith
    • Osten Smith
    • Sebastian Dorata



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