Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep reviewing “Back in Black” this week. It sounds really good and you know the song very well. Just focus on the transitions between sections, especially at the end of the song. Also, be careful not to rush at all. It’s a fairly slow and laid back song, so try to keep that feeling.


Review the jazz rhythms that we worked on this week. Also, take a look back at the other styles of beats that we’ve covered this year. Staying familiar with all of these things will help you to be a versatile and creative drummer in any situation, so try to review past exercises frequently.


Practice the two new beats that we worked on this week. Focus on keeping a steady speed. Start slow each time you practice to make sure that you’re counting the rhythms correctly. Then, as the groove starts to feel comfortable, try it a little faster but still steady.


Listen to “Don’t Let Me Down” a few times this week in preparation for the recital and practice the two main beats. Make sure you know how each of the transitions will work. If you have additional time, take a look at the new 16th-note beats and practice them slowly.