Hello Everybody!

ABC Academy is hosting its Spring Recital on Sunday, April 29th!

You should have begun to see your students’ Spring Reports coming home – if not be sure to ask them about it – along with their achievement certificates.

Recital Timings and Location

Our recitals are open to all Oakwood and Lawrence Park (TFS) students!  There is no cost to participate, and no tickets to buy (read: free!).

As usual we will have 3 short sessions:

12:00 – 2 Spots Available

1. Emet
2. Kollel
3. Claire
4. Josh
5. Ruby
6. Maria
7. Mia
8. Mazin
9. Aidan
12. ROCK BAND (Jr./5pm group)

1:00 – Tim Available – 4 Spots Available

1. ROCK BAND (Jr./5pm group)
2. ROCK BAND (Sr../7:30pm group)
3. William
4. Eliana
5. Gerardo
6. Lucy
7. Melody
8. Chantal

2:00 – Cynthia, Elizabeth, Abigail Available – FULL

1. ROCK BAND (Sr../7:30pm group)
2. Mazal
3. Anastasia
4. Bohan & Donna
5. Julie
6. Carmen
7. Kaden
8. Camille (w/Julie)
9. Zoe A
10. Michelle
11. Ian
12. Nathalia

Keep this email and click through the Read This Online button below to see the latest updates, as there will likely be few or no updates to this email.

The recital will be at:

  • The Root Down Studio, 225 Geary Ave. (near Dufferin & Dupont).
    If you arrive late, please wait for applause to enter to not interrupt or distract our performers.

You can register in person at the desk or by phone at 416-651-7529. CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR TIME!

LIVE STREAMING – View the recital in real-time at:

Password: ABCAcademy1234
Note that the access will not work until right before the recital.  Thank you!

Summer & Fall Registration

Registration for Summer and Fall begins on April 29th.  Summer registration is done on a first come-first served basis.

Fall Registration is done in 3 phases:

  • May 1-7 – Existing Student ‘Keep Your Time’ registration
  • May 8-15 – Existing Student ‘Move Your Time’
  • May 16 Forward – Registration open to all

There was a tuition increase in September and if you registered last spring, you were not affected by this.  This now takes effect for those people and included in your monthly billing.  Increases per lesson are:

  • 30 Minute lessons $1.07 more
  • 45 Minute lessons $1.34 more
  • 60 Minute lessons $1.61 more

Summer lessons are billed in July and August, and September lessons are billed at the time of re-registration to save your spot for the fall.

Fall Changes & Preview

We will be closed on Mondays as well as Fridays during the 2018-19 School Year.

We are currently in the preliminary stages of planning for some new programs that we hope will happen!  Here’s a sneak peek, so please bear in mind these are not guaranteed to happen!


Will likely be free in October and November (to the recital).  Will be for Ages 10-14.  Will be open to non-ABC students.  Will likely be 1-1.5 hours on a Sunday afternoon, TBD.

This is an important initiative for ABC.  The voice is our built-in instrument, and using it – comfortably – is the gateway to not only playing instruments better, but to a wider range of personal expression, freedom, and confidence in walks outside of music.  We will be calling everyone in the eligible age bracket and asking you to please take part in the free trial month(s) if we can get it organized.  More on that soon!


Details are still being sorted, but we will likely prioritize our percussion students, and students of ABC that have been playing a minimum amount of years.  Will likely be 1h on a Sunday afternoon.

Make-Up Lessons

Make-up Lessons will be programmed by Jennifer this spring.  Please remember that lessons do not carry forward past the end of June.  Also note that lessons that were cancelled less than 24h before their start time will be offered at our discretion.

The Make-up week will be June 12-14 at Lawrence Park (TFS), and June 24-30 at Oakwood. You may end up scheduled on multiple days, please check the schedule carefully when it comes.

Barnaby Away

Barnaby will be travelling from May through July.

While desk coverage has been arranged, and the teachers prepared, we will ask you to please be proactive when possible interruptions to your lessons look possible.  If there is even a hint of a sniffle, sneeze, or anything that may interrupt your lesson, please call the office to alert us during this time, as there may be slight delays between the time you leave the message, and when we get it.  Your assistance on this is greatly appreciated!