Hello Everybody!

FarPlay has just been updated with some highly useful features for us.

First, we now have waiting rooms.  This means that when you arrive a few minutes early to be ready for your lesson you will be put in a waiting room to avoid interrupting or observing others’ lessons, and vice versa!

Secondly is a hugely requested feature, one-click link to your lessons.  The online portal has been updated with direct links to your lesson studio, so you don’t have to remember the studio ID, or have to type anything out.  This means you can save the link as a bookmark, and just tap it every week when you need to get connected.  Whether or not you use this regularly, we encourage you to take the time now to go to the online portal and save this link, so you aren’t panicked later.

Remember that last regular lessons before the holiday break will be on December 23rd, and that lessons resume at your regular day and time on or after January 2nd!

We hope you all have a pleasant break spent in the way you most desire!


the ABC Team.