Hello Everybody!

Hopefully you have had a wonderful summer.  We are sad to see it draw to a close, but excited to get into a fresh school year, which we hope is full of the promise of a post-Covid time!  Here are important things in this note that you should read carefully:

  1. Key Links for this School Year
  2. Post-Covid Plans and Rebuilding
  3. Our 2-way Texting System
  4. In-Person Hybrid & Online
  5. Updated Office Hours & Support
  6. Lawrence Park
  7. Teacher & Schedule Updates – IMPORTANT
  8. ABC App?
  9. Save Money



Click here for the annual Lesson teaching days schedule.

Click here for the annual Music Together class schedule.

Click here to go to the online studio schedule (password:  ZoomZoomZoom).

Sign up for your teachers’ Homework emails (on their individual teacher pages), especially if you have changed teachers.  Note that new teachers’ pages and sign-up options should be available by Sept. 6th.


Post-Covid Plans and Rebuilding

  • Our Covid Restart Plan is now retired.  It remains as an active framework aligned with our ‘Procedures for a State of Emergency’ in our Policies and Procedures.  Please familiarize yourself with these.
  • On-site we will continue with our greater attention cleaning common areas through the winter at a minimum.
  • We have encouraged our team to get a 4th vaccination for Covid and a seasonal flu shot.  We recommend the same for our students and families.


Our 2-way Texting System

Over the summer we have been testing a 2-way texting system with the office.  We are extending that test to the 2022-23 school year.  This will be available during office hours only, and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Text us at 226-799-4939.

Please also add this number to your mobile phone phonebooks as ‘ABC Texting’.


In-Person Hybrid & Online

Our school is now a fully Hybrid operation.

Taking In-Person Lessons?  You are automatically getting Hybrid lessons.  This means that if you feel a little unwell, or have a schedule complication of any kind, you can ask for a Home-on-Demand lesson that week.  Additionally, our team will always be online in their digital studios, so if you don’t have time to call us in advance (we’d ask for 24h minimum notice), you should be able to connect with your teacher anyway.  We ask that you stay home and help keep our team and community healthy if you think you might be coming down with anything.

You can also now have fully digital lessons, if you prefer this.  We are happy to accommodate you, and welcome you to try this.

Over the last 2 years we have learned that digital learning works 90% as well as in-person lessons.  We are also continuing to investigate new technologies that will further close this gap.  Stay tuned!


Updated Office Hours & Support

Starting September 1st, we are moving to new office hours.

We will be available mostly 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. From Tuesday through Friday, with limited hours and availability on all other days.  Our office team is also becoming smaller at this time.

Please consider your schedules for lessons and classes as much in advance as possible, so that we may accommodate your needs in a timely fashion.


Lawrence Park

At this time we are still not offering Lessons at Lawrence Park.  We hope to restart soon.

Music Together will be offered, with fall classes starting Saturdays on October 15th!  Call us now to register:  416-651-7529.


Teacher & Schedule Updates

In case you missed it, some of our Teachers have moved on to new and exciting opportunities.

This may mean some changes in days, as well.

Also, we expect some changes throughout the school year, with some team members also graduating to other projects.  Here is a quick summary of what is changing for specific teachers that are or have exited:

  • Jonny – expected to exit January 2023
  • Gordon/Wednesdays -> Jeffrey/Tuesdays and Saturdays (may change slightly in the first two weeks of Sept.)
  • Matt M. (Guitar)/Tuesday and Thursday -> Simon/Tuesday and Thursday
  • Ted/Tuesdays -> Jakob/Wednesday (may change slightly in the first two weeks of Sept.)
  • Giulianna Voice -> Aurora Thursday and Saturday
  • Giulianna Piano -> Colomba Tuesday and Wednesday AND Erin/Thursday and Saturday
  • Zoe/Wednesday -> Ivan/Wednesday and Saturday


ABC App?

We are currently investigating a mobile app that will allow for quick-reference on important information and news updates directly to your mobile devices.  It will be for important and key information only, and to be a contributor of your experience at ABC.


Save Money – Refer a Family

We are keen to make sure that you receive best value in addition to best experience with us.  The last two years have not been without challenge, and while we have been lucky, we would like to try to recapture and grow our business.  We need your help to do it.

Please consider referring us a new family.  You’ll get 20% off one set of lessons to the end of the school year, and they will get 20% off all their programs to the end of the school year.  This is a 2-month value.

This program is unlimited.  This means you can refer multiple families, and keep getting increments of 20% off.  Who else offers you and your friends such substantial discounts?