*A reminder for Kendra to start with VIBRATO EXERCISES next week*

G minor Harmonic

  • Don’t forget those fsharps
  • extension looks great
  • working towards not having to stop for the shift
  • increase tempo for 4 per bow

D major

  • remember descending shifts not to release the hand completely from the string/cello
  • open hang, slide along the string, anticipate with the left arm height. Left elbow not too low
  • practice isolating and repeating shifts back and forth
  • start from the top octave of scale and descend before ascending for practice

Pachyderm Parade

  • Forte!
  • left arm up for lower strings
  • increase tempo
  • a little bit more bow with a slightly faster bow speed


  • analyze how much pressure/weight you need to actually push the string down. Then graduallyadd more weight until the string goes down with extended position. I have a suspiscion you are pressing/squeezing
  • make sure 2 3 also go down with 4
  • don’t try to play 4th finger on it’s own
  • don’t extend too early
  • try to extend with more just hand with arm supporting instead of whole arm moving to accomodate the extension

Minuet No. 3

  • start working with the metronome to increase the tempo: work around 70-75. You can start slower if needed. in 3/4
  • focus on the extension: reach sooner for 1st finger since it happens right after 4th finger (E). Work on extending without effecting your 2nd finger placement (D on A string)
  • 1st ending second half: coordinate shift with string crossing so you don’t need to add any space

Start listening to Chorus of Judas and we will start next week together


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