Hello Everyone!

Here are this weeks assignments!

Have a good week!


Reccomnended practice time is 20 minutes per day

Songs: Please work this week on copy cat. Remember to count out loud as you go. you also have 2 new songs that involve 2 new musical terms. Musical Question and answer. You have both a parralel answer and contrasting answer. Parrallel you have a music phrase that sounds and looks similar to the question and you also have a contrasting musical phrase that is completely different than the question. We also learned about the Tie. A tie is two of the same notes connected by a curved line and what you do is hold it for the amount of beats combined. So two have notes connected by a curved line would be a total of 4 beats held down.

How parents can help: Assure that your child is sticking to a consistent practice schedule. As well be sure that your child is filling out their homework logs correctly.


Reccomended practice time is around 20 minutes per day

Song: This week focus on boxcar rumble. be sure to practice hands apart first. This will ensure you are comfortable putting hands together. Go through and check letter names for each section. Play one measure at a time until you are comfortable. You will also work on the great clock. For this one be sure to go through the counting and rhythm before playing through the song. Once you are comfortable clapping out the rhythm you should then read through the notes and only after you have done all of that should you play through the music. Always start hands apart and then work your way up to playing with both hands.

How parents can help: Be sure to check your child’s practice log as well as encouraging them to maintain a consistent schedule.


Reccomended practice time is 20 minutes per day

Songs: This week continue to work on your recital piece and memorize the dynamic markings for both pages. Keep up the good work on that piece. You also have 2 new songs. Be sure to go through the steps to learning a new song with those ones.

Theory: You have the handout that I have written out in your notebook, there are 4 new scales to complete. Remember to draw out your key signatures in the correct pattern. Use the previous pages to help you.

How parents can help: Be sure that your child fills out their homework logs correctly and practice daily to maximize progress.


Reccomended practice time 20-30 minutes every day

Songs: continue to play through the book and when learning a new song go through the steps.

How parents can help: Be sure to check your child’s homework for the correct practice times. Encourage them to practice daily.