Great job this week everyone, you all are so talented and a pleasure to teach, here’s some fun stuff to keep working on this week!


Recommended Practice Time: 30mins

What to practice: Keep working on the exercise I gave you for Breezeblocks and see if you can work it up to 120 and play the whole song continuously at that tempo.

How to practice effectively: Start the exercise, ( at a tempo thats easier maybe 110, and then slowly try and work it up to where it becomes too difficult. Then go back to the fastest tempo you can play it well and try all of the sections of Breezeblocks at that tempo, then work through the transitions and try playing through the whole song at that tempo. Even if its slow this will give you a good feel for what its like to play the song through. Also if you want to practice playing with the music try slowing the song down in the Amazing Slow Downer app and see if you can get it to work, DFTBA!



Recommended amount of practice time: 15mins

What to practice: Lets try to practice the alternated hi-hat beat and the other new beat I showed you this week and see if you can come up with 4 new beats this week! Here is the link to print (

How to practice effectively: Keep your hands moving and remember to play the snare drum with the right hand on 2 and 4. You showed me a cool new beat this week and I would love to hear it again, see if you can keep experimenting with how many snare or bass hits you have in the beat!



Recommended amount of practice time: 15mins

What to practice: Crab Rave transcription that I’ve made with the link here (

How to practice effectively: This transcription may be a little tricky but try your best and use your ear! Try to match what you hear in the song to what you see on the page and what you play. We’ll work on it some more next week and then come up with some parts for the Coconut song, Megalovania, the Spongebob beatbox beat, as well as coffin dance. If you have any more songs you want to cover let me know!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: Hi-hat splash beats with 16th note fills around the drums! Experiment with keeping the same rhythm but different drums as well as trying out different rhythms in the space of the fill. Take a look at this page you can print at this link for help and other ideas (

How to practice effectively: Absolutely great job this week Sylvie, you killed it with those hi-hat splash patterns! This week to keep getting more comfortable with those beats lets add some fills at the end every 4 bars or so. The page I’ve linked is from a book we may start working out of soon and it shows some beats with fills of different lengths, so try them out and get a feel for them and try them with the hi-hat splash beats you have too! Also go ahead and check out the hand patterns at the top of the page if you want something extra and fun to do!