Hi everyone,

Here is your final homework e-mail of 2015!


Keep working on those triplet exercises with accents. Practice each one slowly until it feels comfortable and then speed it up. If you get bored of practicing the same exercises over and over, then make up your own accent pattern using triplets. It would be great if you could create one yourself! Also, keep practicing the two jazz beats that we’ve been looking at.


Great work on the song “Better When I’m Dancing.” It sounded really great in your lesson this week. Over the break, take a look at the clave rhythm that we worked on in today’s lesson. Also, practice the exercises that I gave you with the clave rhythm in the left hand and eighth notes or quarter notes in the right hand.


Take a look this week at the clave rhythm and practice the exercises that I gave you to go along with it. Focus on keeping the rhythm really steady and figure out how the right hand and left hand parts line up with one another. We’ll look at these exercises again next week in your make up lesson.


If you have time over the break, take a look at the exercises we did in today’s lesson. Practice playing the “clave rhythm” with your right hand while playing eighth notes or quarter notes with your left hand. It’s all written down in your book. We’ll come back to it again in the new year.


Practice the clave rhythm exercises if you have time to over the break. Listen closely to how the rhythms lines up with each subdivision. Try to keep it feeling relaxed, but also really steady. Try playing each exercise at a variety of different speeds. We’ll do more with these exercises in the new year.

For those of you that I won’t see next week for a make up lesson, have a happy holiday!