Hi Madison! Nice to see you again.

For piano practice can you work on the two songs from your Alfred’s book that we circled. Remember your G-position. Left hand pinky is on G, and Right Hand thumb is on G for both of these songs!

Please youtube Over The Rainbow, and practice this song. It really suits you!


Hi Osten! Good to see you too!

Please work on the songs in the Alfred’s book that we circled, starting with Happy Birthday To You. Remember your hand position in these songs – your thumbs share middle C.


Hi Chiara, I am happy with your level of practice this week. Now let’s do more!

I want you to warm up with the warm ups we use  in our lesson. Please use this accompaniament for Evr’ybody Wants To Be A Cat to practice with. Its really similar to the piano part I play in your lesson. Please keep practicing I’ve Got the Sun in the Mornin’.

Best of luck on your audition – keep up the practicing!