Hi everyone,

With the transition to ZOOM video lessons, I am no longer able to write down notes and musical material in the students’ books/binders. Instead, I have created PDF documents for each of you and dropped them into a Google Drive folder. The link to your documents is listed in the What to practice heading under your name below. You should be able to access the documents simply by clicking on the link. Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Recommended minutes to practice: 5-10 minutes per day

What to practice: Practice the first four accent patterns on the new page that I have provided: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jaROP8emrq7yGkV13Mt_Js4NVtEz-sCl?usp=sharing

How to practice it most effectively: A musical accent is when you play one note louder than the other notes around it. The accent is indicated by a symbol like this > positioned above or below the note. In order to get an accent to stick out, it is important that you play all the other notes softly so the loudness of the accent can be heard. Practice playing accent patterns 1-4 from the new page and focus on keeping your sticks low (close to the drum) when you’re not playing the accented notes.


Recommended minutes to practice: 10-15 minutes per day

What to practice: Practice the first four beats from the new page I have provided: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SCS8WVjfR1OZVlYmt8a1r2LTxo2NJOpN?usp=sharing

How to practice it most effectively: These beats involve playing syncopated notes on the bass drum which land in between the eighth notes on the hi-hat. Play through them slowly and focus on the rhythm created between the bass drum and snare drum notes. You can even practice them without the hi-hat part in order to solidify the the other parts. Once the beats start to feel comfortable, then try playing them a bit faster.


Recommended minutes to practice: 20-30 minutes per day

What to practice: Practice the first four beats from the page of ghost note beats as well as the beat from “Cold Sweat” by James Brown: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GxopIaGPN0UhwG3zk4gQWTnEaDDL7TWP?usp=sharing

How to practice it most effectively: “Cold Sweat” by James Brown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ0p7k-KzWM Take it slowly at first with each of these beats. Identify which notes land on the beat and which ones land off beat. When you feel comfortable with the rhythm of the bass drum and snare drum, then try playing a little faster, but always strive for consistency more than speed.