Super fun teaching you guys today, great job!



Recommended minutes to Practice: 5-10 minutes per day

What to practice: This week Damian I want you to practice the accent sheet but this time play the accented notes on the other drum. In addition practice this exercise sheet for Ruby Tuesday to help with getting the 16th notes in time.

How to practice effectively: For the accent sheet, make sure to keep the quiet notes low. It will help to move your wrists more and keep your arms nice and relaxed! For the Ruby Tuesday exercise just focus on keeping the 16th notes twice as fast as the 8th notes, it will help with going back and forth to the groove when playing the song!

Super fun meeting you and getting to see your legos!



Recommended minutes to practice: 10-15 minutes per day

What to practice: Keep practicing all of the 16th note beats and work them at multiple tempos. Aim to get to the point where you can play the whole page all in a row, playing each beat once before moving onto the next.

How to practice effectively: Go slowly at first to make sure you have a good grasp on each beat, then try playing along to some a song like Back in Black! If you ever get stuck on a beat, try breaking it up into different parts like we did today and tackle them separately like we did before putting them back together. Then once you’re really comfortable with each beat try to go through the whole page all in a row smoothly.

Really good stuff today Koel, these are some tricky beats and you did great!



Recommended minutes to practice: 20-30 minutes per day

What to practice: Keep working on the ghost note beats and Cold Sweat.

How to practice effectively: For the ghost note sheet focus on making a difference between the accented snare notes and the ghost notes. The accented notes can come up a bit and the ghost notes can probably be played a little bit lower. Its all about creating different levels of texture. For the last few beats that are really tricky, be sure to break them down into sections and get those parts good before putting it all back together. Keep working on Cold Sweat even though we didn’t get to it today!

Great work man, keep it up!

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