Hi all, excellent job to everyone this week! Your practicing is paying off :) Keep it up! Please see below for individual homework assignments. Recommended practice time is 15-20 minutes each day.


-start your practice sessions with breathing work and light warm ups (e.g. Do Re Mi scales, warmups we’ve done in lessons, you can refer to the ones in your book as well)
-Looking for America: when singing, imagine landing on the pitches from above (especially in the places that extend into the higher register, or in the chorus after you’ve been singing very low!)
-Any ideas for new songs we can add to your repertoire? I will also try to bring in some ideas for next week!


-Get a folder/duotang/something to hold your sheets in!
-C major scale — this is a great way to warm up for your piano practice sessions
-A Whole New World: RH (+ LH when it has the melody) — remember to keep a curved hand (imagine holding a ball loosely), and remember that your LH is only allowed in the two positions shown in the music– keep those fingers in place! It will help you find the right notes.
-Tomorrow: practice singing it out loudly and proudly. When it gets high up in your range, more air and energy will help you sing those notes out!
-Theory book: #1, #2 of Review Quiz


-C major scale — this is a great way to warm up for your practice sessions. Pay attention to the fingering– going up: 1, 2, 3, cross 1 under, 2, 3, 4, 5. Going down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, cross 3 over, 2, 1
-Rudolph: one more week on RH alone; watch out for the skips! If you make a mistake, try to practice it until you can do 3 times in a row correctly to help reinforce the correction
-Hickory Dickory: follow the practice instructions I wrote at top of page; our main practice goal this week is to get it hands together smoothly for the last line


-Get a folder/duotang to keep your music sheets in!
-Faded: Practice the new notes we added in. Try for accuracy in notes, and rhythm (based on how you already know the tune of the song goes!)


-Get a folder/duotang to keep your music sheets in!
-Believer: Work on the intro hands together; trust yourself that you know the rhythm of the song’s intro but make sure you’re playing LH when note are in the bass clef, and RH when in the treble clef. / Hands separately of the first page verse; pay attention to the fingering we added.
-Keep practicing your C major scale as well!

See you all next week!