Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments from now until January. I hope everyone has a very happy Holiday!


Keep practicing the new beats that we have been working on from the sheet I gave you, especially #6. This is the main beat from “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer, which we will be starting in the new year. The most important thing to work on now is being able to keep a steady beat without speeding up or slowing down.


Practice the two-bar jazz rhythms that we worked on this week. You should also try writing some of your own rhythms in a jazz style and incorporate them into a beat. This will give you lots to work on over the break.


Great work with the beat and variations from Take 5 by Dave Brubeck. Keep practicing these along with the recording. Remember to listen for the string bass and try to lock in on beats 1 and 4. Also, take a look at the rudiments sheet that I gave you, especially the flams and drags. We will work more on these in your make-up lesson on Saturday.


Practice all the jazz/swing rhythms that we have worked on in the last few weeks. Keep a steady beat on the ride cymbal and with your feet, then read the rhythms on the snare drum. Be sure not to let the ride cymbal pattern change with the snare pattern. Also, take a look at the rudiments sheet that I gave you, particularly the paradiddles, flams, and drags.


Keep working on the beats from the sheet that I gave you, especially #s 9 and 10 which are new this week. Focus on keeping a steady speed while you play and remember to count in your head. This will help you develop more consistency. At your make-up lesson on Saturday we will work more on these beats but also do something new.