Hi all,

Just a reminder that today was your last lesson before the holiday break. Have a lovely and restful holiday!

Michelle:  You’re working on But Not For me.  We listened to Chet Baker, the jazz choir The Idea of North, and my favourite, Kate McGarry.  Three very different versions of the song.  We’re going to work on you learning the opening rubato verse (the one in your copy of the Standards Real Book) as well as the rest of the tune.  I’ll put a backing track in your Dropbox folder over the holidays.  Keep working on your technical exercise, but  don’t forget to take time out to ‘play’ with singing over the holidays!

Nila:  Nice work today.  You are working on pages 6 and 7 in your Full Voice workbook, and Castle On A Cloud.  Remember that verse one lyrics are on top, and you sing all of the top lyrics, then repeat and do the second verse lyrics on the bottom.  Your learning track is in your Dropbox folder.  Keep working on your hand signs and singing, and your Hng-ah exercise!

Have a wonderful holiday with your parents, and I’ll see you in the new year!