Keep working on these scales: C major, G major, A minor, E minor, D minor. Remember to have more detailed playing when you’re practicing – articulation, dynamics, smooth playing. Recommended practice: 30mins / day


Good progress on the Czerny. Focus on smooth running notes and be careful of the “traps” in the piece. Focus on hands together for Bourée. Continue to keep the fingers in tip top shape with the scales. Recommended practice: 45mins – 1hr / day


Missed you this week!


Remember to keep counting out loud, curve those fingers and join the notes when you play. We finally completed the piano book!!! Recommended practice: 15mins / day


Good rhythm clapping today. Keep revising the new duet piece. For all pieces, make sure to check fingering, keep counting, and look ahead when you’re playing. Recommended practice: 15mins / day