Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the 16th-note funk beats that we worked on today. Be sure to count the beat while you play to ensure that the rhythm is correct. Also, try to keep your right hand relaxed so that you don’t tense up when you get faster.


Keep working on the 16th-note beats. They’re sounding a lot better! Practice the bass drum and snare drum parts separate from the hi-hat, then put them together. Also, try playing each beat at a variety of speeds including fast and very slow.


Take a look at the new beat and fill that we worked on this week. Practice playing them together at different speeds. Also, try to come up with different fills that fit well together with that beat. Next week we will try to pick a new song to learn, so come up with some ideas before then.


“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is starting to sound really great! There are just a few spots that are still giving you trouble. Focus this week on the intro and the last four bars of the chorus. Practice getting into and out of these sections without stopping or slowing down. Counting out loud while you play will help you with this.


Take a look at the new bass and snare rhythms that we worked on this week. See if you can count them out loud by saying “bass” and “snare” in the right rhythms. Next week we’ll review these exercises and do some new ones.