Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Keep reading for the homework this week.


Irish Washerwoman: you’re getting the notes today and it’s I can see you reaching for middle C with your thumb. Great job. Now, keep playing this and gradually increase your speed (it should be played quickly once it is fluent)

Look in your orange folder for the next few songs:

Stepping Up and Down: Lift your hand up after each phrase (or slur). Imagine your hand is flower and the wind picks it up and sets it back down gently.

Look! Both Hands!:  Left hand is playing G and C.

Left and Right: Check the LH notes carefully. Aim to spend about 15-20 min. this week on playTwiing all four songs.



Simple Gifts: A real improvement this week! Great job. Maybe we can consider this a possible recital song?

Trumpet Voluntary:  Be sure to think about the parts where the LH plays an interval of a 6th. You will need to reach further. Look ahead and get ready so that you can prepare for opening your hand to reach the keys.

Fur Elise: On the second page, LH crosses over to play a high G. Otherwise, it is coming together. Spend more time practicing the second page so it can be more fluent.



Twinkle Twinkle: Fantastic job playing hands separate. You really learned the song! This week, we are putting both hands together. Watch out for where both hands play a D (you will need to move up to reach it, then move back down). Think about all those B flats while you practice.

Ode to Joy: (New) This is in the same position as Twinkle. Be sure you’re in F position. The third line in this song is the trickiest!  Practice hands separate this week. You can try hands together as an extra challenge if you have time, and once you have learned how to play this hands separate fluently. Also, watch out for B flats. You will not get a reminder in front of every B anymore. You have to remember to do it on your own.

F Major scale: Play RH and LH separately. Play steadily up and down from F to F. Do this 3 times daily. Pay attention to the finger numbers you will use to get good habits in learning how to play this.



Irish Washerwoman: Awesome job and steady playing. Keep playing this to get even more fluent and to start to play faster (the tempo is marked “quickly” but don’t play so quick that you become inaccurate).

Full time Fun: New. Has F in the LH

Little Green Frog: Try to get your 8th notes to move to the quarter notes seamlessly, without a pause.

Geometry Dash: This is the riff from the music from the app. The melody is a bit complicated but she has memorized the beginning riff.  She plays melodic 5ths in her right hand, with the thumb starting on the key with the sticky tab. This is something I showed her by rote.

The order of the starting note for the song from “Geometry Dash”
Maddie's hand on the keys to play 5ths

Maddie’s hand on the keys to play 5ths