Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work on the beat and fill from “Stressed Out.” Practice the new beat that we worked on this week. Also, try practicing the song along with the recording. This will help you to get familiar with the speed and the transitions.


Practice the accent patterns that we worked on this week. Focus on keeping the non-accented notes as softly as you can. Play each pattern at least 4 times in a row without stopping before moving on to the next one. Keep a steady pulse.


Review each of the different types of rhythm that we have learned so far. Practice the new rhythm exercises that we worked on this week. Count each rhythm out loud before you play it. Go slow and listen carefully to make sure that what you play matches what you counted.


Great work with the coordination exercises! Keep practicing them at home and focus on keeping a steady beat when you play. Also, practice the new eighth-note and sixteenth-note exercises that I showed you this week. We’ll work on this some more next week.