Great work this week! “Mexican Jumping Beans” and “Little River” were perfect. Remember to keep your wrists nice and relaxed, and your shoulders as well. When you do the “wrist float off” part in “Little River”, it is especially important to keep the wrists relaxed – we don’t want tense wrists. For “Haunted Mouse”, focus on the first two lines that we learned today and remember that treble clef is usually played by the right hand (and written on the top line) and the bass clef is usually played by the left hand (and written on the bottom line). I also want you to do page 26 in your theory book to really learn the note names – we can fill in page 27 together at your next lesson as well as learn the rest of “Haunted Mouse”. It’s a challenging piece, but I’m confident we can finish it next time!


Nice work with “Cowboy Song”! Keep practicing this week in both the swing rhythm and the regular rhythm. Pay attention to the fourth finger – it can be tricky to use the fourth finger sometimes because it’s our weakest finger, but with practice, it will get easier and stronger. Also keep practicing you G Major Scale and C Major Scale. For C Major, you can try the contrary motion too (where both hands start on the same C and go the opposite direction). Learn as much as “Magic Man” as you can. We got a good start in your lesson today, but let’s see how much of it you can do on your own for next week. Practice clapping the rhythms too like we did int he lesson. Great work!