Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


This week, work on combining the 2-bar phrases from your book into 4-bar phrases. Play each 4-bar phrase more than once without stopping in between. Try to hear the beat and the rhythms in your head while you’re playing them. This will help with accuracy and consistency.


Keep working on your 2-bar phrases. See how many times in a row you can play each one without making a mistake. Also practice some 4-bar phrases with a fill at the end. Use the A-B-A-C format to come up with a 4-bar phrase of your own.


Focus this week on becoming comfortable with the 6 drum beats that we worked on in your lesson. Start slowly with each one. Then, once it starts to feel easy, try a different speed. Never sacrifice accuracy for speed, but try to maintain a faster speed for an extended period of time (1-2 minutes). Also review the rhythms that we’ve covered in the last two week.


Practice the new 2-bar phrases that I gave you this week. Focus on playing each one several times in a row accurately. Remember that just because you can play something once doesn’t mean that you can play it consistently. Also, take a look at the 4-bar phrase that we worked on. Make sure that your fill at the end of the phrase fits within the beat and that the time stays steady.


Review the coordination exercises that are in your book. These will be very important as we continue to work on learning drum beats. Also, take a look again at the new rhythm exercises from last week. We’ll come back to these in your next lesson.