Awesome job in the lessons today.  Everyone!


You’re a clever one, my dear sir.  Just keep it up, and remember, the more you practice, the better you get!


You want to be a song-writer!  Right up my alley (I am one, too).  Bring a poem of yours next week, and we will craft a melody to it!


Remember, ‘electricity’ in your fingers ~ make them do most of the work, not so much your wrists and especially your arms.  I encourage you to practice more, my dear friend.  If gold is in the ground, but nobody puts effort into mine it, it will just stay there!


A leap forward with your understanding of the various forms of minor scales!  Boohah.  But, like Gerardo, make sure your fingers are doing most of the work.  Keep this intense musical focus and practicing up, and I promise you will make a quantum leap in your piano playing in the next few months!


Good job, today.  Though it might have seem slow-going this past lesson, I am emphasizing the fundamentals of music and piano technique because you are very smart and can understand everything I am saying, and because I know how essential getting ‘the basics’ down right from the start is.  ‘Electricity’ in the fingers ~ make them do most of the work!